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Mediterranean Power Tools

The Beginner's Guide to Whole30

Considering Whole30? Learn what you can and can't eat, the benefits that make it worth it, plus other helpful tips to get you started on the clean-eating plan.


Best & Most Essential Power Tools For Gardening

The use of tools and accessories can make the gardening more enjoyable and easy. And here are the best power tools for gardening you should know about.


Med Ball Core CircuitMed Ball Sit-Ups With Press Toe Touches Russian Twists Crunch Toss Sit-Ups with Chest Press Sets/Reps: 2x10 each exercise Once you complete all five exercises, repeat the circuit immediately in the same order. Perform 10 reps of each exercise, for a total of 100 reps for the entire circuit. This circuit is a great finisher to a workout, and it should take you less than three minutes. Give it a try. I promise you will feel the burn!

Mediterranean Chopped Salad

Mediterranean Chopped Salad ~ This incredible combination is a simple but truly amazing combo that creates a tasty, healthy and enjoyable dish everyone will love.


Antique Shop: Lost Gems Egypt Mac Game Download: A totally new spin on Match-3! Solve fun and challenging Match-3 puzzles in completely new ways. Special tools let you change the game board itself, giving you new ways to find matches and solve board puzzles in ways not seen before. While traveling around the ancient Mediterranean, you discover artifacts and lost gems that uncover power ups!