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Mediterranean Liquor Glasses

Flask in the Shape of a Head (Getty Museum) Roman, A.D. 300 - 500 Mold-blown glass 6 3/4 x 3 1/8 in. 85.AF.320


Authentic Italian Anise Biscotti

This recipe for authentic Italian Anise biscotti is perfect with your espresso or a tall glass of milk.


Drink lust: Tuaca. The liqueur is sweet and golden brown in color. Its ingredients include brandy, essence of orange, and vanilla. Vanilla is the dominant flavor. It is bottled at 70 proof (35% ABV). The recipe supposedly dates back to the Renaissance. A legend claims that it was created for Lorenzo the Magnificent. Mmmm, what I could do with this.


Home Bar Counters and the Designs Depend on Space: Mediterranean Brown Home Bar Counters With Granite Countertop Also Brown Elegant Padded Stool With Round Shape Also Antique Wall Clock Pendant Lamp Also Liquors And Glasses Shelves Also Brown Floorboard ~ Bar Ideas Inspiration