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Mediterranean Food Storage Containers

The GG Collection Glass Canisters with Scoop - mediterranean - food containers and storage - atlanta - Iron Accents

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The GG Collection Glass Canisters in Burnished Bronze - mediterranean - food containers and storage - atlanta - Iron Accents

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About six weeks after they seeds sprout, peanuts plants produce pea-like yellow flowers on fleshy stems. Once fertilized, the flowers slowly bend down until they penetrate the soil, a process called pegging. Once underground, the pegs move sideways to form a cache of ripening nuts under the crown of the plant (hence the "underground crypt" part of the botanical name). This flowering and pegging goes on for more than a month, and meanwhile the plants grow into sprawling bushes. When the…

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Bulk Food - Bulk Food Containers - Food Storage

"You Bought in Bulk...Now What?" by Lynn Adriani for Oprah Magazine. Stocking up on large quantities of food is a smart way to save money. Here's how to make sure none of it goes to waste.

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Frutta Biscotti Jar - Hand Painted Cookie Jar - mediterranean - Food Containers And Storage - Abbiamo Tutto

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How to grow Muscadine grapes in your garden to provide a delicious fruit for your table and food storage. Muscadine is native to the Southeastern United States and can adapt to temperature growing zones that seldom fall below 10°F. Muscadines have a high degree of tolerance to pests and diseases. The fruit production will be …

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