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What is Meditation / Mindfulness? How do you do it? What does the science say about its effects?

Why You Should Practice Walking Meditation

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Which Type of Meditation Is Best For You?

The truth is, there is no one-size-fits all meditation; meditation comes in just about as many variations as you can imagine. Find out what type of meditation is best for you!

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HOW TO MEDITATE Here’s a starter guide to developing a meditation practice. Why meditate? Well there’s a bunch of benefits: makes you calmer and happier, you can become less sensitive to negativity,...

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Meditation is more popular than ever, making its way into the mainstream more and more every day. However, with its growing popularity comes pervasive and often discouraging myths surrounding what meditation is and how to practice it correctly. I am here to tell you that any barriers between you and having a sustainable and valuable meditation practice are false. Meditation is for YOU!

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How to Use a Singing Bowl In Your Meditation Practice

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Shower Meditation, This really works well, I sit down and picture myself sitting in the rain of warm water. TRY IT !!!

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How to Start a Meditation Practice: A Guide for Beginners

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Mantra Meditation: 40 Day Challenge

Learn the how & why behind mantra meditation practice. Join me for 40 days of intention setting and change!

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XL Meditation Medallions - Essential Oil Scented Sanskrit Chakra Symbol & Flowering Lotus Sets for Your Sacred Space, Meditation Practice

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