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Medieval Knight Men-at-arms Short Surcoat

Yes, It fits Well for a Knight, Men-at-Arms, or King Costume. Yes, the Surcoat is Opened on Each Sides Attached by Strings. Yes, You Can Add Embroidered Symbols on the Surcoat. | eBay!


Coolest Kid’s Medieval Knight DIY Halloween Costume

Several months after last year’s Halloween, my 9 year old son decided he wanted to be a medieval knight for Halloween this year.  In my household, Hallowee


Medieval Knight Heraldry SCA Templar Hospitaller Surcoat & Cloak

Yes, It fits Well for a Knight Templar or Hospitaller Costume. Yes, Only the Best Fabrics Available are Used. (No Thin Silky Stuff) Yes, the Surcoat is Open on Each Sides Attached by Strings. Yes, Each Items are made to Look as Real as Possible. Yes, It Can be Used Over Chainmail or Armor. (Tough Enough!) Yes, It can Endure Fighting Activities. (Not SCA Approved Though) Yes, It is a Large Cross Embroidery about 8x10.(not an Applique like everybody else do) Yes, It is Slitted in the…