The Medicine Wheel is a tool that can be used to check in with yourself and receive insights to problems. The wheel represents the circle of life. The circle represents the circle of the earth and the metaphysical circle of all creation. It is important to keep all our aspects in balance- mind, body, emotions and spirit. Work with the medicine wheel to reflect on your strengths and weaknesses

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I am the visionary :) In organizations, having human beings of all different stripes working together can be quite a complex undertaking. With all the personalities, pre-wired dispositions, and learned behaviors, managi...

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With this tutorial you will learn how to build a Medicine Wheel in a sacred manner. Purchase at

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Medicine Wheel. It represents the circle of life. The center cross bar symbolizes the four winds, four seasons, four directions and four teachers. It is considered to be good luck by the Native Americans. Many Natives display it in their homes for protection.

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