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Medicine For Gas

Every time my brother is under laughing gas he tells everyone he wants to be a dentist XD He usually has no memory of this when it wears off lol XD

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"I would use pure pumpkin puree before using mineral oil, as I've seen it work in of cases. But I would never give my animals aspirin! My vets have always told me that that is old information, and they now know that it often results in gastric distress."


If you think a chlorine bomb sounds more like something from the battlefield than the medicine cabinet, then you’d be right about the origins of this 1920s remedy. The product, and a brief trend among physicians for treating colds with chlorine, arose from experiments made by the US Chemical Warfare Service after the First World War.


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Germany's introduction of chemical warfare led the US department of Defense to the discovery that nitrogen mustard is an effective treatment for lymphoma.


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Accurate post is accurate. Also, people on the East Coast be like, "I drove 6 hours through 3 states." Out West, people be like, "I drove 6 hours and I still haven't seen a gas station."

7 A cup of yogurt is one of the oldest home-remedies for a series of stomach-related issues. Whether to ease persistent nausea settle the stomach after a bought of indigestion or to cool the system after a spicy meal or even to replenish the good bacteria in your GI tract after a dose of strong medicines. A single 1-cup serving of yogurt is known to have 414 milligrams of calcium while providing essential live active cultures of probiotics that not only restore balance…

Intra-aortic balloon pump counterpulsation is frequently used as therapy for patients with refractory left ventricular heart failure or for other indications. Benefits of IABP therapy include increased cardiac output, coronary blood flow, and systemic perfusion pressure and decreased afterload and myocardial oxygen demands.