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A Victorian Medical Curiosity: A Twin Headed Kitten (19th century English) Medium Glass, Feline, Preservative Provenance Provenance: Ex Royal Veterinary College Ex Private English collection See: Finch and Co catalogue no. 4, item no. 49, for a pair of preserved Siamese pigs Literature Preserved forever in glass jars natural deformities, both human and animal, have fascinated collectors of curiosities since the 17th century. The most wonderful collection perhaps belonging to…

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Historical note: In the early part of the 1800's, there were no drug stores and a household would typically have to administer medications which were available to the servants or other members of the family. The mahogany case above would be typical of one used in a household of obviously well-to-do people. In the colonies, these medical cases were used on the "plantations" and contained all sorts of plant extracts and chemicals of dubious use.

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1860s First Aid kit. Germ theory was not well known until after the Civil War, and many soldiers and civilians died because of infection on the battlefield and after childbirth.

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Antique Medical Supplies 1927 Ear Syringe and Debridement Metal Tool

vintage medical equipment | SALE - Antique Medical Supplies 1927 Ear Syringe and Debridement Metal ...

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A Manual of Military Surgery, Confederate States of America, Surgeon General’s Office, 1863

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hand-carved ivory teeth (ca. 1840) Early anatomic dental models are rare, but fortunately some have survived from the nineteenth century. from History and Myths | Medical Anitques

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Post 1886 leather and wood medical kit with drugs by Sharp and Smith. Note cork caps on vials. Has letter to original owner, Dr. Smith.

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Corset damage to a ribcage. 19th century London. Hunterian Collection, Royal College of Surgeons, London via The Chirurgeon’s Apprentice.

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