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#Mechanical waves and #Electromagnetic waves are the main 2 types of waves. Learn the #characteristics of electromagnetic waves with more details about them. →


Great info for my sound lesson ...


Sound and Light Waves Activity (Forms of Energy Foldable)

These cootie catchers are a great way for students to have fun while learning about waves. These cootie catchers contain the following vocabulary terms: Wave, Amplitude, Vibration, Frequency, Trough, Wavelength, Crest, Pitch, Surface wave, Electromagnetic wave, Longitudinal wave, Refraction, Diffraction, Mechanical wave, Transverse wave, Medium, Sonic boom, Wave interference, Destructive interference, Constructive interference, Doppler effect, Compression, Rarefaction, Ear


The Physics Classroom is an online, free-to-use physics website developed primarily for beginning physics students and their teachers. The w...


Longitudinal wave: region of increased density: compression; region of reduced density: rarefaction; compressions are the darker areas on the wave; the compressions and rarefactions move with constant speed v; wavelength is distance from one rarefaction to the next or one compression to the next; the speed does not depend on the frequency!


A sound is a wave and frequency determines pitch In your mind what is sound? Sound is an example of a mechanical wave and is produced by a vibrating object.

▶ Physics - Mechanics: Mechanical Waves (1 of 21) Basics - YouTube


How Do Waves Travel? {Introductory Observation Activity for Mechanical Waves}

Start making waves in your class by using an engaging observation activity to get students excited about the upcoming unit! This product is a great lab activity to get students thinking about mechanical waves - what causes a wave to start, how the energy is transferred through the medium, and how the wave's energy affects objects in the medium.


Mechanical Waves Problem Based Assessment

Mechanical Waves Problem-based assessment career exploration - acoustical engineer


Physical Science: 15.1 Waves

Physical Science: 15.1 WavesPowerPoint Presentation (15.1 of 18.3)* Unit 9*This is part of a series based upon chapters and sectionsTopics: Waves, mediums, mechanical waves, electromagnetic waves, wave energy transfer, work, wave fronts, causes of waves, mechanical energy, harmonic motion, transverse waves, longitudinal waves, surface waves