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How to Make an All-direction Vehicle with Mecanum Wheels

The all-direction vehicle is equipped with four Mecanum wheels. The cool part of this vehicle is the flexibility of moving in any direction while keeping itself in a constant direction. It is achieved with the special structure of Mecanum wheel and their proper configuration on the vehicle. You can visit the website and download the omndirectional.pdf file to get to know how it works. In general, the speeds of Mecanum wheel are governed by the…

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Mecanum wheel robot - bluetooth controlled

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Mecanum wheel robot - bluetooth controlled

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Korbiyor is a futuristic driverless electric hearse mounted mecanum wheels (wheels that can move the vehicle into any direction), it features refrigerated transparent coffin that can be raised or lowered in the vehicle, also multimedia projector, and a surround sound system.

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60mm Aluminium Mecanum Wheel - Nexus Robot - SOLIDWORKS,STEP / IGES - 3D CAD model - GrabCAD

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Mecanum wheels - 4 pack - Mecanum wheels allow your robot to not only travel forward and backward, but also side to side. Using rollers set on a 45° rotational axis parallel to the main rotational axis of the wheel, it allows sideways movement as well as forward and backward movement! - ROB-11578 - SparkFun Electronics $74.95

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