I had no idea there was such a cool tool online for building stairs! For someone who sucks at math in a big way, this is nothing short of a dang miracle!!

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FREE Woodworking Plans for Sliding Kitchen Cabinet Drawers. Includes a 2-Measurement Calculator for every cabinet size in your kitchen.

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How to calculate the ankle-brachial index (ABI). With the patient positioned supine with the ankles and arms at the level of the heart, a health care provider measures the blood pressure in all four limbs using a hand-held Doppler device with a blood pressure cuff and sphygmomanometer. For a standard ankle-brachial index measurement in clinical practice, the higher of the two ankle pressures measured at the ankle is used as the numerator and the higher of the two arm pressures is used as the…

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How to sew a tiered, ruffled skirt BONUS! A 'tier' calculator - so you know how much fabric to use for each tier!

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So who the heck is Don Pedro anyway? Well, he might be: * a prince of Aragon in the Much Ado About Nothing by William Shakespeare * an American actor * a former governor of Guatemala * a Filipino politician

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