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Meaning of whimsical

Whimsical little charm - I also just watched "Out of Africa" so giraffes and zebras may be at the forefront of my mind ;)

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Origin early 19th C. • from Arabic qismah ‘division, portion, lot,’ from ḳasama ‘to divide.’You can think of kismet as your lot in life, or your fate. The word Kismet is of foreign origin and is used in Turkish, Urdu, Hindi and Arabic.

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Paolo Sebastian Swan Lake Wedding Dress with Nude Bustier

Australian based designer, Paolo Sebastian stole hearts away once the Swan Lake hit the runway. One of his most sought after gowns, the Swan Lake features hand beaded lace over a tulle illusion neckli

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Embroidery Kits from Kiriki: Pairing classic stitches with contemporary design, Kiriki's handcrafted Embroidery Kits are whimsical and wonderfully creative! Each animal pattern is hand-screen printed with vibrant, water-based inks, which means no tracing or iron-on transfers! From easy Level 1 to more challenging Level 3, these kits come in a range of skill levels so that even first-timers can create beautiful embroidered stuffed toys! Each kit comes with a printed backing fabric, stuffing…

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This is what it can seem like to read about the true nature of Disney and what their films etc really mean, or to read about the way they treat their staff. Ghosts and ghouls everywhere

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Build your own hobbit hole home!!!!!

How many of us kiss like this after the initial dating? Maybe we should & maybe there would be less divorce - just a thought

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Iyasu V (Ge’ez ኢያሱ፭ኛ) (4 Feb 1895-25 Nov 1935) was designated but uncrowned Emperor of Ethiopia (1913–16). Iyasu’s grandfather Emperor Menelik II chose him as heir to the throne. Due to his lack of diplomatic skill, leadership qualities, rude, whimsical, dismissive, often belittling manner towards the ministers & aristocratic body at the time, on 27 Sept 1916 while at the city of Harar, he was deposed in favor of his aunt. Empress Zauditu was succeeded by Emperor Haile Selassie.

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