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The Evening Star is Zorya Vechernyaya (from Russian vecher, meaning “evening”), a goddess of dusk who is depicted as a fully armed and courageous warrior. She was associated with the planet Mercury. Some myths cast both Zorya as virgin goddesses who had the specific job of grooming their father’s white horses, but other accounts saythey married the moon god Myesyats and gave birth to the stars. Ancient Slavs would pray to Zorya Vechernyaya each evening as the sun set.


This would be a cool room. I've always wanted to get the fabric walls with the twinkle lights sewn in from Rose's.

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Someone's made Harry Potter makeup brushes that look like wands

Attention all people who lost their sh*t over the existence of a Harry Potter themed makeup range: we may have something even more magical to share. Storybook Cosmetics – the same people behind the Mean Girls makeup palette concept – have made their own range of makeup brushes. But these are not just any makeup brushes. These are makeup brushes designed to look like your very own Harry Potter wands.


FEATURED POST @jasperdejesus - Motivation is a fire from within let that fire burn bright and share your light with the world. . . This is one of the first photographs I took on scene of the Arts District Pallet Yard fire (Ceres Fire). I was able to document the whole progress of this fire from beginning to end. The photos from this set gained a lot of attention which opened a lot of doors for me and even led to spending a whole day at a firestation in South LA and documenting firefighters…


Anchor Charts are a great visual for concepts you want students to understand and remember. Anchor charts allow your students to go back to find examples or shared thinking. This set freebie shows examples of multiple meaning words and a non-example.If you like this one check out Anchor Charts for Working Through Comprehension in Informational TextMore anchor charts are on the way!


A rich socialite was accused of torching two dogs with fire, yet he was not arrested. Demand that charges be brought against this man and ensure that being rich and privileged doesn't mean you can escape charges of animal abuse.


Ephesians 2:13 as a Catholic convert this Scripture means a lot to me because Jesus blood takes on a whole new meaning.

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Synonym Posters

Synonym posters, synonyms, shades of meaning, writing posters, classroom display, first grade and second grade vocabulary, esol

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The Meaning of Color Chart

Meaning of Color Chart- it might be an interesting experiment to use this color when looking for ways to express my emotions through my EC.