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Meaning Of Rap

I can do every one, except for most of heavydirtysoul and the one part in kitchen sink, but I mean, that is basically impossible.

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No one else is dealing with your demons meaning maybe defeating then could be the beginning of your meaning, friend

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Josh over there clapping and looking like a happy cinnamon roll then Tyler who's stressing and just figuring out the meaning of life like usual.

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heavydirtysoul | Twenty One Pilots | The day I learn to rap it at the same speed Tyler does is the day I will be so proud

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And people still wondering how he's the most intelligent out..

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Oh, I always suspected that black was us because Tyler and Josh were blue and red

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Leave. And it's Twenty One Pilots. Not 21 Pilots

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"Salutations" "what does that mean?" "salutations is a form of greeting!"

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Spirit Rapping Unveiled: An expose of the origin, history,...

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But I think that great and terrifying are supposed to describe the same thing in Car radio. I have my own meaning of this song, but I think, that great things are often terrifying

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