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Dazzling Photos of Rot and Fungus

Lisa Legue aka Jovie McMahon or now she likes to be called June bug. Does this look familiar? LoL tell me again how you are sexy, and can have anyone you want... You mean, any fungus you want!! LoL

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Being able to quickly and easily make a mould means you can make clay, resin and concrete versions of pretty much anything!

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Making natural soap means avoiding the use of any ingredients that could be toxic or are manufactured in ways that use questionable substances or methods.

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D20 Critical Hit Mini Cake Pan Makes 20-sided Dice Cakes of Awesomeness

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The inscription on this pewter brooch was a powerful charm. It says '+A+G+L+A+AVEMARIAGRA'. 'AGLA' was a magical formula used to ward off fever. It came from the initials of the Hebrew words 'ate gebir leilam adonai' ('Thou art mighty for ever, Lord'). The other part of the inscription is in Latin and stands for 'Ave Maria gracia plena', meaning 'Hail Mary full of grace'. late 13-early 14 century | Museum of London

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