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Meaning Of Kudos

I never knew the meaning behind this song. I rarely hear lyrics when I listen to music. But after my dad passed away on September 2nd, I would hear this song and be utterly moved by the chorus. RIP Dad.


Heyyyyy all supporters and makeup lovers!! I'm on a mission this month to sell 30 of these bad larrys! That means I need to sell sell sell!! This is by far the best KUDOS at such a great deal!! !!!!Great for gifting family and friends!!! 🎁🎁As always we offer a money back guarantee! 🙌🏻 💜💜Can't purchase? No worries! You can still show your support by hosting a holiday bash 🎄or share this post! Thank you!!!!! 😍😍😍

I LOVE THIS SO MUCH!  I didn't know so much went into their crowns and I love it.

the last line there means "whoa slow down there student" I take Latin. that's how I know. I know! I'm such a weirdo! XD << that aint me who wrote this. Disciple is a word most of the latin languages like french will understand, but it is right now a HOMESTCUK POST YEAHHHH


Eeeeekkk!!! Happy November!!! You know what the first of the month means?! A new Kudos and a #newsplurge but it's also #Younique's4thAnniversary so this Kudos is super cool!! This month only when you spend $180, you'll get this INCREDIBLE BRUSH ROLL for FREE!!