Meaning of deployment

One of the things I am Proudest to call myself is a Marine Wife... and in addition to that, a wife of a deployed United States Marine. My husband means everything to me, and this picture(although, not of us) just speaks to me.

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This be perfect for when they need a reason to smile, or he could always look back to for when you guys fight. Plus it has real meaning to it.

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Waiting is so hard but i'll spend as much time alone as i have to if that means getting to spend the rest of my life with you #quote

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Ferris State University's Jim Crow Museum carefully curates artifacts that include many imagetexts that were deployed strategically to promote racist ideologies. Because of the specifically visual dimension of racism, imagetext has always been a primary means of inflecting race-awareness. For imagetext-makers who are persons of color, deploying imagetext is a direct reversal of "the gaze," an anti-racist gesture with considerable force. The same holds true for gender.... And disability....

Disney movies give me the best nostalgia. They make me so happy, I become sad and miss the simplicity of being a child.

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Capitals 4 Rangers 3 Overtime: Rangers Rally but Lose Edge as Washington Capitals Catch Up and Slip By in Overtime

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