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Mean People Sayings

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Happy Quotes Dedicated To All The Wonderful Ladies In The World

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You can meet somebody tomorrow who has better intentions for…

★Sad truth. People that previously you would have lived and died by their supposed Christianity show their true colors and remind you to be very careful who you trust. Everyone can put on act of holier than thou, but not everyone can always walk the walk.


pp Narcissists almost never apologize for anything they do. It's always someone else's fault. The only apology you'll ever hear is. .. "I'm sorry BUT. .." The 'I'm sorry but' is not an apology but a blame - shifter. When someone knows damn well they owe you an apology they become obsessed with discrediting you.


Belief in god is a threat to the future of all humankind! Expression of love for a mythical character is an invitation for inquiry. People are going to wonder...What else don't you understand? infj4real


People say those who fight the most belong together. I believe the more you fight is when you need to learn to let go. Who wants to live life fighting? Set an example for our kids (your kids) to stop the cycle. Learn to let go when nothing changes. Life is to precious to waste it on petty stuff. Be with someone whom you can live life with less fighting/drama.. Trust me... It's such a huge relief even if it means being alone for while. Know your worth ❤️


I have to say that mean people bother me too...But definitely the latter is worse! Repost from @laurenjol


This took me years to learn, but when I finally did was one of the best moments of my life. You can, and you SHOULD be a nice person. But that doesn’t mean you have to let people treat you like crap and walk all over you. It doesn’t make you a bad person if …