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How Max Kellerman and his pro-player mindset is transforming 'First Take'

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Les Miles hints he's open to Western Michigan job

Ex LSU HC Les Miles On ESPN First Take With Steven A. Smith And Max Kellerman.

Character Rig - Max Kellerman by Fraser Davidson #Design Popular #Dribbble #shots

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The American sports media has become a cesspool, and as part of making America great, JFI is here to flush it for you. Today’s Turd: Max Kellerman

Is the Cowboys season a success if they don't advance in playoffs? - ESPN Video

Max Kellerman would consider the Cowboys' season a failure if they don't snap their playoff drought.

LeBron James is Kellerman's NBA MVP so far - ESPN Video

Max Kellerman believes that because LeBron James gives his team the best chance to win an NBA title, he deserves to win MVP honors every year, including this season.

Max says Aaron Rodgers is the LeBron James of the NFL - ESPN Video

Max Kellerman breaks down why Aaron Rodgers deserves MVP recognition every year, much like LeBron James.

Did the Patriots undermine the Cardinals by claiming Floyd? - ESPN Video

Max Kellerman thinks the Patriots undermined the efforts of the Cardinals when they claimed Michael Floyd.

Manny: I Thought I Won the Fight

Max Kellerman Surprised with Manny Pacquiao's Post-Fight Interview | Bleacher Report

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Max Kellerman autograph 8x10 COA

Max Kellerman autograph 8x10 COA Memorabilia Lane & Promotions