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Sacred Indian cows - Cows in India are not worshipped, Cows are honoured in gratitude for their generosity, value, and gentleness. They provide people in India with milk, yoghurt, paneer, ghee etc..and taking nothing but water, grass and grain. Hindus view the cow as a maternal figure, who contributes unconditionally and in so many ways to the daily sustenance of humanity. As non violence and non killing are the highest code of ethics for Hindus, 87% of India are vegetarians.


Resting cow “decked out” for Mattu Pongal: white painted horns with red dots, new necklace, and sandalwood paste marks on the forehead and down the spine.


Jallikattu (Tamil: சல்லிகட்டு) or Eruthazhuvuthal (Tamil: ஏறுதழுவல்) or Manju Virattu (Tamil: மஞ்சு விரட்டு) is a bull taming sport played in Tamil Nadu as a part of Pongal celebrations usually on Mattu Pongal day. This is one of the oldest living ancient sports seen in the modern era.


Temples in India info wishes all its viewers a Happy and Prosperous and joyful Pongal 2015. Happy Bhogi, Happy Pongal, Kaanum Pongal, Mattu Pongal 2015