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spring cleaning for your mattress: 1 cup baking soda, 8 drops lavender oil. sift across mattress and let sit for 45 minutes. vacuum twice. Lavender is antibacterial, kills dust mites, and promotes sleep.


This WORKS, I used it and my mattress looks brand new! We don't have ceiling fans I used a small fan and say it on the mattress to air dry! It even took the smell out! How to Clean Pee out of a Mattress

from Consumer Reports

How to Clean a Mattress (and Why)

Giving your mattress a deep clean a couple times a year will keep it smelling fresh—and it could even help keep the pests aways. Here's how to get the job done in a few simple steps (link in profile). Tag a friend you think needs this #tip!

from The WHOot

Clean Your Mattress With Baking Soda Tips And Tricks


Great for cleaning mattresses or carpet stains. Mix 8oz peroxide, 3 TBSP baking soda, and a drop of dish soap in a spray bottle. Shake vigorously. Spray stain and allow to dry. That's it! Magic!


Let's face it, our mattresses collect a lot of things we'd rather not discuss. Dander, dust mites, pollen... and the stains, oh the stains. Here's how to get that mattress clean, including all those stains... yes, ALL of those stains... and get your mattress smelling and looking brand new again!