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Line Study: Take 2!

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Division Strategy Mini-Posters This package includes a labelled divison problem with no remainder, a labelled division problem with a remainder (both division formats) and 6 division strategy posters. The posters have 2 versions - one uses the words dividend, quotient and divisor the other uses big number, smaller number and answer.

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5th Grade Eureka Math Modules 4 & 5 Terminology Word Wall with Definitions

Display math terminology word walls to give your students a place of reference. Nine new terms from Eureka Math / Engage NY Modules 4 and 5.Students will retain the terms as they will see them daily.

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Students will identify the parts of an expression using math terminology. Students will understand the concept of like terms with the use parallel examples.

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speech 1 - EMT and Paramedic Practice Tests Online! National Registry Test…

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This is the easiest way to teach subtraction across 0s. I used it this past year and my students said it was sooo much easier. Subtraction Across a Zero - YouTube

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