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Mass Effect 4

zuzarti: “Technically I am 4 to 8 years late for Mass Effect party but who cares, have sad Kaidan watching the thing that used to be Shepard fix the galaxy using the Reapers post Control hehehehe ”

from io9

Why Mass Effect is the Most Important Science Fiction Universe of Our Generation

Mass Effect is epic. It's the product of the best parts of Star Trek, Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica and more with a protagonist who could be the love-child of Picard, Skywalker, and Starbuck. It's one of the most important pieces of science fiction narrative of our generation. Mass Effect goes so far beyond other fictional universes in ways that you may not have yet realized. It is cosmic in scope and scale.


Mass Effect: Foundation #4 (Virgin Cover) #DarkHorse #MassEffectFoundation (Cover Artist: Michael Atiyeh & Benhamin Carre) On Sale: 10/23/2013


by Marek Tvrdý in Mass Effect 2 , Mass Effect 3 , Novinky - 4 Srpen ... Loving Javik's but where the rest of the ME2 crowd !?