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Mary Magdalene she was with the one of Myrrhbearers, the other Myrrrhbearers also Apostles to the Apostles are Mary,the mother of James & Joses Mary,the wife of Cleopas,Martha of Bethany,Sister of Lazarus,Mary of Bethany, Sister of Lazarus Joanna, the wife of Chuza the steward of Herod Antipas, Salome, the mother of James & John, the sons of Zebedee Susanna. The women followed Jesus during his earthly ministry in Galilee, providing for him and his followers out of their own means (Mark…

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Mary was said to have been ‘spirited’ away to Egypt until Sara was born and then when Sara reached twelve they traveled to the Languedoc region of South France and lived among the clans which would later become known as the Cathars. Other tell of Mary landing upon the marshy shorelines of Glastonbury England, where the very first Christian Church outside of the Holy Land was established and where Yeshua was said to have spent many years of His youth.

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Mary Magdalene, weeping at the tomb, shortly before Christ approaches her.

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Mary Magdalene - cured by Jesus of an unknown, severe illness; becomes the leader of a group of women disciples who follow Jesus, provide for him financially, and listen first-hand to Jesus' teachings; first witness of the Resurrection; first evangelist, since she is told by Jesus to 'tell the others'; she brings the news of the Resurrection to the other disciples, including Peter and John

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Mary Magdalene (in green) & Mary The Mother of God (in red), with vessels of myrrh, approach the Tomb.

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Pilgrims who came to Rome to visit the tomb of Peter would first stop to worship the foot of St Mary Magdalene, the great convert, who was the first person to enter the tomb of the risen Christ? The relic was first located at the entrance of Ponte Sant’Angelo. This foot was first kept in a precious reliquary of Benvenuto Cellini & later made its way to San Giovanni dei Fiorentini, but it was forgotten. Pilgrims will now be able to venerate the relic when they come to visit St. Peter & Rome.

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Noli Me Tangere | Fra Angelico | 1440-41 | fresco | 70 7/8 x 57 1/2 in | Museo di San Marco dell'Angelico, Florence, Italy

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