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Mary and Martha Devotion from Illustrated Faith in my journaling bible. See this Instagram photo by @notionsfromnonny • 40 likes

from Diaries of a Daughter

The Needed Choice. The Better Choice.

Luke 10:41-42 --- ☕ Would you be to preoccupied with the cares of this world, than what's more important to do in order to have a stress free life. Because when we stop and let God be God of our lives, and take heed to all He has for us to do. Life becomes sweeter, richer, and fuller within His Light (In His Presence), that we become less stressed and more blessed.☕°°{DM}°°


How to be a Mary in a Martha World

Are you distracted by busyness & preparations? There's a story in the Bible about two women - Mary & Martha. One distracted, and one sitting at the feet of Jesus. Are you a Martha longing to be a Mary? Read here for the 3 things God taught me about learning to be a Mary in a world full of planning and busyness, schedules and expectations.