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Beautiful artwork. Black and white, silhouette. DC and Marvel Superheroes.

How do you explain this!? Maybr it's because other planets are more advanced in their exceptance. And they did their best to evacuate said city as well. :) - visit to grab an unforgettable cool 3D Super Hero T-Shirt!

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Colonel James Rhodes Rhodey War Machine Iron Patriot Iron Man James Buchanan Barnes Bucky Barnes avengers marvel mcu

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So this rp board goes hand in hand with the Marvelous War board made by @The Doctor. In this board a villian managed to turn some of us into babies and teens. Some of us were unphased by it and it will allow us to help others!! Some that were reverted back to children will not remember what happened while others will only know up to that point in which they were taken back too. Enjoyy and no bullies or conflicting ships.

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