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Ip Man 2 (2010)

The new wave of martial arts movies from China. Very slick, very fast and Donnie Yen is a treat to watch in this.


Hero - Jet Li, Not really my genre but pinned for it's extraordinary use of color and dramatic artistry of each scene.


A ninja-western worth watching if you love martial art's movies, carnies and can stand contemporary, more than spaghetti, Westerns.


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Masked Avengers... OMG I used to mimic this movie play fighting ever chance I got as a small child. This movie is a prime example of what all martial arts movies should be like. Badassery on celluloid. you must buy and keep this in your collection as with Five Venoms because its the same actors from that movie. Mega Awesome Kung Fu movie here! Awww the memories!