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Giant Ginger Cookies

Giant Ginger Cookies (with ground black pepper) - I love this recipe and have made it a dozen times! Instead of 12 giant cookies I make 24 regular sized cookies and I replace the allspice with cinnamon and skip coating in sugar - still very, very good!

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Brown-Sugared Carrots

Brown Sugared Carrots -Side - Martha Stewart olive oil, carrots with tops, salt, pepper, light-brown sugar, molasses, grapeseed oil, butter, rosemary

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Basic Sugar Cookies

Basic Sugar Cookies Recipe....will let you know how it turns out! Maybe a good one for Christmas too! Happy Valentines day!

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A decorated block of ice is an elegant serving tray for chilled buffet food, such as boiled shrimp. (Martha Stewart Christmas Vol. 5 2001) | BGVJ

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Our Favorite Christmas Cookie Recipes

Hazelnut Sandwich Cookies It's time for Christmas cookies! Choose from our very favorite cookie recipes to share with family and friends, including gingerbread, speculaas, biscotti, pfeffernussen, chocolate chip, and snickerdoodles.

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Christmas Punch

In the 17th century, employees of the British East India Company discovered punch, a beguiling combination of spirits, water, lemon, sugar, and spices that became synonymous with good cheer and festive celebrations all over Europe. Here, pomegranate and lemon sharpen the sunny New World flavor of cranberries.

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It only takes 30 minutes or less to make this Martha Stewart project. Holiday jars are a fun Christmas decoration you can craft with your kids and enjoy all season long!

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Gingerbread House gift bag idea l cute little gingerbread houses made of paper bags. Using puffy paint, draw your desired design making it as simple or as complicated as you’d like. You can also have your kids draw on it with a white crayon or paint and decorate it with cute stickers. Once dried, fold opening of bag to form a triangle, punch two holes and tie with ribbon or twine. (Martha Stewart copy cat)…

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