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Oh wow, "Before you scold me Mom. . . you'd better light up!" Haha. Those were also the days before car seats. . .

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25 Things Not To Do With Your Baby

This is a very, very old Marlboro cigarettes advertisement. It showcases a child looking very sad, because he knows he's in trouble. This advert is basically saying children want parents to smoke before yelling at them, because cigarettes are meant to calm you down. The children are used again just to play a guilt trip on the target audience.

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images from the malboro cigarette ads | though the years and is the most popular cigarette brand

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ISIS are Banning Jeans, Falafel, Pickles, Cigarettes and Pistachios in Mosul and now the Muslims want to ban Bacon in Vermont? | Walid ShoebatWalid Shoebat If we give up our bacon they'll be trying to see what else they can make us give up.

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