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Markiplier Phone Number

You decide to use your phone's new app to record sound while you're asleep. What does it hear? - My sister told me I was talking in my sleep. I meant to prove her wrong. I don't think I should be glad that I did...

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1.Foxy 2.toy Freddy 3. Golden Freddy from the first game 4. FNAF 1 5. Jeremy Fitzgerald 6. Phantom Foxy 7. LIMMMONS 8. Markiplier for sure 9. Barney.... Jk purple guy aka Vincent 10. Both cause I can't chose

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Give me a sec *grabs phone and punches in numbers* hello? Yes, I want to order my grave stone.

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Google Image Result for

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Yeah, well, it's my decision whether or not to break temporal laws, so shut it. Gah, kids these days.

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Prompt -- you are laying in bed in the dark and you glance over and see an odd shadow in the corner of your room. you're about to turn on a light to see what it is when you hear a voice in your head that says, "don't move. they're watching you":

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