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Chuck Norris VS Mark Zucherberg de Facebook | Plein De Blagues

Facebook has a policy a that prohibits users from posting photos like this. Their policy is "'LONG STANDING COMMUNITY", which means, GRAPHIC IMAGES SHARED FOR SADISTIC EFFECT OR TO CELEBRATE OR GLORIFY VIOLENCE."With the hope of ending all Trophy Hunting, we have come so far in creating a world without...

Mark Zucherberg of Facebook has admitted to being in the initial stages of four patents to improve the way in which users interact with facebook. One of which changes the way in which users send and recieve messages. For example, if you usually communicate with a certain person via facebook messaging and start to text him , then it will ensure that those texts go not only to their phone but to their facebook inbox too.

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#5. Give more money to charity than you think you should. It should make you uncomfortable. Richard and his wife, Joan, joined the likes of Bill Gates, Mark Zucherberg in 2013 and belong to The Giving Pledge, and believe it's not only important to give money, but also your time.

Amazing portrait of Mark Zuckerberg slicing the ends of 36 books to create different shades, by Red Hong. More pictures and video at the link.

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LinkedIn executive Jeff Weiner is the new king of social media

Move over Mark Zucherberg - Jeff Weiner, the new king of social media