Mark suckerberg

fuck facebook. cia dossier and fbi scam... mark suckerberg obama stooge censoring and deleting posts and pages... fuck facebook.

English version - The first species of IT Mosquitoes - ´How come we still spread malaria and diseases ? - Why don´t we spread apps, games and social media stuff.... ?´ [Fun Stuff] #DigitalE45DK #BizzAppsDK

I like the addition of Mark Suckerberg complaining about "fake news" 😂🤡🤣

Milo Yiannopoulos Challenges Mark Zuckerberg To Debate. Mark Suckerberg wont accept. He's too much of a fucking coward and a government tool. Fuck ‪#‎Facebook‬

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Aunque a simple vista recordemos unos pocos personajes del internet como lo son Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Mark Suckerberg y Larry Page, existen muchas más personas importantes y que han generado cambios en internet y en el mundo de la informática. Hoy veremos una lista de las personas más importante

Facebook is spending millions to keep Mark Zuckerberg alive... shelled out $14.5 million on 16 bodyguards working in shifts to trail him and to protect his growing family.

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