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Mark Hamill Car Accident

Beautiful Mark Hamill before HIS car accident that robbed his looks as well. Back in the day I so would have been with him and done him.


Wampa Tales: Mark Hamill's Car Accident and the Opening Scene of 'The Empire Strikes Back'

There is a fascinating article ob=ver on Business Insider that looks at whether or not the Tampa scene was added to The Empire Strikes Back due to Mark Hamill's tragic car accident that left the actor in need of reconstructive surgery...


Mark Hamill – Then Luke Skywalker was one of the most memorable movie characters of the decade. Guess who played him? None other than Mark Hamill. His baby face, among other endearing features made Mark an 80s icon. Unfortunately, in 1977, he suffered from a severe car accident, causing damage to his nose and one of his cheekbones. mark-hamill-young-Copy

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