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Oldest and youngest living Medal of Honor recipients...(95 yr old Nicholas Oresko-US Army; 23 yr old Dakota Meyer-US Marine Corp) Incredible!


Actor/comedian/game show host Drew Carey served 6 years in the United States Marine Corps Reserve. When Time Magazine asked him what events in life made him who he is, Carey replied "the Marine Corps. It instilled a great sense of discipline that I can call on when I need to." Obviously he enjoyed being a jarhead because he has kept his Marine crew cut through most of his stage and TV career.


This Order of Precedence chart for the United States Marine Corps (received by the Library in 1991) is used by Marines to determine how decorations are to be worn on a uniform. The list begins with the Congressional Medal of Honor and proceeds to the right. It also explains the devices used on those decorations that may represent information about the number of additional awards of a decoration or number of campaigns or operations served.


Sergeant Frederick W. Mausert, III US Marine Corps Medal of Honor recipient Battle of the Punchbowl at Songnap-yong, Korea September 12, 1951.


Terrence S. “Steve” McQueen (1930-1980) PFC. U.S. Marine Corps 1947-50. He joined the Marines and was assigned to an armored unit but was rebellious and was demoted to PVT seven times. While serving on an Arctic exercise he saved the lives of 5 other Marines by pulling them from a tank before it broke through the ice and sank into the sea.


Although the Marines’ Hymn made an appearance around the 1800s, it didn’t have an official version until 1929, when Commandant of the Marine Corps Maj. Gen. John A. Lejeune authorized the hymn as we know it.


A Young Chesty Puller - not so easy to distinguish from an old Chesty Puller or his unidentified but clearly related fellow Marine in this photograph.