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What is boot camp like in the Marine Corps? Check out our week by week guide for what you can expect if you want to earn the title United States Marine. The USMC's boot camp is the longest of all the services.

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Marine Corps Workout Plans for Losing Weight

Metabolic conditioning or MetCon workouts are all the rage - Insanity and CrossFit, but are they really the most effective workouts for weight loss? Learn about metabolic conditioning and what it's all about.

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Marine Corps Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about boot camp for the USMC. Are you a parent, girlfriend or wife of a future Marine? Check out our guide.

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I sent this with my son when he left for Boot Camp with the Marine Corps, in turn he sent me a set of dog tags with the same verse on it while he was deployed. Love that soldier! Thank you son for serving

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Road to Recovery following Knee Replacement

I must recall how I giggled the entire time u was in boot camp. I should have known then I was special.

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So you have made the decision to join the finest fighting in the world, the United States Marine Corps. Male or female, this will be the hardest thing you have thus far faced in your life. I have put together some basic information and suggestions to help you prepare for boot camp.

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Marine Corps boot camp graduation keepsake boxes. Each box has the design burned into the box by hand making it a unique one of a kind gift.

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