USMC Marine Corps Birthday BALL, funny

Oh ball time is rolling up quickly for those of us who live this Marine Corps life. I've found my dress, got the shoes, and the date on the calendar. Just a few final details to remember. This is a work function.

Marine Corps Dress Blues Letter by TheTypewriter on Etsy

Show off your Esprit de Corps with this custom hand painted letter! Each letter is painted to showcase the iconic details of the United States

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☆ United States Marine Corp ⟷ The Few 。The Proud 。The Marines ☆

Love this idea!  These are some of the Best of the Best Marine Corps Cakes from  around the net.

Cool idea: Red, White, and Blue cake pops with branch of service seals. Would be great for promotion parties, re-enlistments, retirements & welcome home parties.

USMC 0311 Rifleman Marine Corps MOS Coin

Get the original USMC 0311 Rifleman Marine Corps Coin ™ designed and crafted by Vision-Strike-Coins.

2014 Marine Corps Ball cake - Cake by Michaela Gilly

This cake was made for the birthday ball. My father spent almost 23 years in the Corps, .