Liches are usually evil, not necessarily by nature, but because wizards who don’t mind turning themselves into the walking dead are generally misanthropic assholes. There are good liches — really, they stay the same alignment they had before they died. Also, liches don’t have to be human — any intelligent creature with the means can become a lich, which means there are dracoliches — undead sorcerer dragons — for DMs that really hate their players.

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The Margravial Opera House is a Baroque opera house in the town of Bayreuth, Germany, built between 1744 and 1748 by Joseph Saint-Pierre (de). It is one of Europe's few surviving theatres of the period and has been extensively restored. The interior was designed by Giuseppe Galli Bibiena and his son Carlo of Bologna in the late Baroque style.

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Boso, Margrave of Tuscany - Wikipedia

frenearden: Uta, statue in the west choir, Naumburg Catehdral, Germany ca. 1249-1255

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Mikulov (Czech pronunciation: [ˈmɪkulof]; German: Nikolsburg; is a town in the Moravia, South Moravian Region of the Czech Republic.After the Margraviate of Moravia was established, the settlement of Nikulsburch was first mentioned in a 1249 deed, issued by the Přemyslid margrave Ottokar II who granted the land of Mikulov, including a castle, and the surrounding area to the Austrian noble Henry I of Liechtenstein.

How to personalize glass using etch medium - this is so easy and makes a great gift! You can do plates, casserole dishes, and more.

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