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Margate Fair

Botany Bay, Kent. This is the most northerly of Broadstairs's beaches, and perhaps the prettiest – a 660ft curve of sand backed by white cliffs, with chalk stacks, rock pools and safe swimming.

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Details about Margaret Tarrant - Seaweed - GIRL GUIDE PRINT

This one reminds me of childhood. On the beach every summer, collecting seaweed, popping them, and diving under waves until I felt them even in my sleep. Margaret Tarrant - Seaweed - print | eBay

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The Top Creepiest Things About Carnivals

The Haunted Snail Ride at Dreamland, Margate, UK Circa 1920s ( The ride is no longer standing). Dreamland is the oldest amusement park in opening in 1870. There is a movement to save the park and you can get more info here:


A well known sight for just about any British seaside. I still love hot donuts even if I do now understand how high in fat they are lol

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Ferris Wheel III - 20x20 Fine Art Photograph

I luv it and I hate it at the same time...I see it and im like" oooooh ferris wheel "and then i get on it and im scared stiff with a panic attack...happens every time lol !!!