Margaery tyrell death

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✿ (game of thrones spoiler! read at your own risk! seriously! stop right here if u haven't seen season 6 episode 10! major character death! slow down! alright?! it comes...) literally 1 hour after i make an aesthetic board for my one true love, margaery tyrell, she is viciously burned to death by cersei lannister on g.o.t. she knew that something shady was goin on in the sept, but it was just too late. schemin til the day she died, the rose of highgarden, rip the sassy margaery…

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These quotes all symbolize their own personalities. Cersei Lannister is constantly trying to prove that she is fit to rule, Margaery Tyrell will do anything to sit the iron throne, Sansa Stark just wants peace and to rule the people justly after so much war and death, and Daenerys Targaryen, with all her fire, is the instigator of war and death.

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