Band couples ♡ Yes just yes! Love it there are like 7 different couples within our band.... and imma in one of them~

Yes band couples are the cutest couples even if it is a band and a color guard member. like me and my band member.

Band geek love :) ---My boyfriend and I are the only couple in the entire band

Band geek love :) I hope to find Band Geek love ^.^ then be high school sweethearts but both of us be band geeks :) XD

The more I look at this picture the more I think of Bronwyn and Drew (Keeping in Line).

The Schenectady High marching band is headed to Washington, D. to represent New York in the of July parade.

get the marching band to ask her and you're a real winner! So cute! #hocoproposal

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Band romance- this is soooo adorable!!!! That's so cute, oh my goodness, this made my heart melt!

Band romance- this is soooo adorable! That's so cute, oh my goodness, this made my heart melt!

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I honestly want this but I'm just a stringo that was once in band.

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Omg yes!! I'll randomly b walking down the hall with a couple of friends. One person is out of step. One!! And I'll start screaming at them to get it step. "Well guys, Emily's out of step again. GET BACK IN STEP!!!!!!!!!!!"

I'm always in step to whatever song is playing, people next to me that are fellow band geeks and people who are just randomly next to me, or the song playing inside my head.

I obviously think about Metallica, BMTH, Nirvana, Get Scared, ...

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