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Marc Garneau..... our first Canadian in space - and now, he is the voice of reason in Ottawa. He is presently a fine MP in our Parliament. I wonder which part of his career he will be remembered for?

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Oct. 5, 1984, Launch of History-Making STS-41G Mission

The Space Shuttle Challenger launches from Florida at dawn. On this mission, Kathryn Sullivan became the first U.S. woman to perform a spacewalk and Marc Garneau became the first Canadian in space. The crew of seven was the largest to fly on a spacecraft at that time, and STS-41G was the first flight to include two female astronauts.

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The Canadian Broadcasting system Digital Archives. Available in English and French. Includes historical videos, on this day section, and radio clips on Arts & Entertainment, Economy & Business, Environment, Health, Lifestyle, Politics, Science & Technology, Society, Sports and War & Conflict.

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"Canada's a huge country, so to be able to unite the country through communication satellite technology or to be able to observe it through remote sensing technology from space is a natural fit for a country like Canada.", Marc Garneau

Canada Transportation Minister Marc Garneau made headlines this weekend when he announced that by the end of the year, a long-promised ban on oil tanker traffic will be put in place off the North Coast of British Columbia—weeks after the government was harshly criticized for its bungled response to a spill in that same region.

New Expedition 34 Crew Members Welcomed Aboard Station

NASA - New Trio Launches to Join Expedition 34 Soyuz vient de partir pour la Space Station avec Chris Hadfield, astronaute canadien qui sera le commandant pour les prochains 6 mois. Pas mal nice. Un new Marc Garneau!!! lol Bonne chance man et ramène-nous des étoiles de là-bas svp. \µ/—>:)

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