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Marbled Cone - Conus marmoreus. Family Conidae. This snail is venomous, like all cone snails. Its venom is highly potent, and one drop can kill more than 20 men.


Himba women wear only 2 types of cone shell : marbled cone or leopard cone . The patterning on these two cones are almost opposites. The marbled cone ( conus marmoreous ) is about the most striking of all shells, black in colour covered with uniformly sized white tents. It is predatory, living on other molluscs and inhabits the coral reefs. Leopard cone ( conus leopardus ) is uniformly banded, with evenly sized and spaced black spots. These snails are highly venomous.

from Aquaviews - SCUBA Blog

Beware the Deadly Beauty of the Marbled Cone Snail

The shell of the marbled cone snail is a popular sight in beachside souvenir shops, but the living snail is not so popular on the reef where it lives!


The Marbled Cone Snail is found in the warm and temperate waters of western pacific ocean, Bay of Bengal and Indian Ocean. It is the most venomous of all types of Cone Snail and can kill a grown man with the amount of venom it has in it.

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