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16-Week Half-Marathon Training Schedule For Beginners

If you have a few and under your belt, you're probably thinking about running your first half marathon. Doubling your racing distance means building endurance by increasing your weekly mileage. Don't be daunted by this! Try this training

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Awesome very basic half marathon training plan for beginner runners. Kind of like the "Couch to Half Marathon" version of plans! {Plus, check out the blog post for more details about training and a code for $15 off a Rock 'n' Roll race!}:

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oh, I'm training for a marathon...will I run it, MAYBE NOT. But if I complete the training I'll be really proud of myself.

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Transitioning from the Half to Full Marathon: What You Need to Know

What it really takes to transition from half marathon to marathon training - marathon training for beginners tips

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16-Week Half-Marathon Training Schedule For Beginners

Half-Marathon Training Schedule For Beginners Yes- I have another year before Vancouver Sun Run But I need to start training now. I don't want it to be too difficult- but I know even if I am in good shape and trained, it will still be a challenge

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Pack a Perfect Gym Bag: 11 Must-Haves

Running for beginners...ummmmm do they have anything for a BEGINNING beginner??? No I mean seriously!!

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It is important to find the right marathon training schedule as a beginner or intermediate runner. Here are several that will help you progress steadily, strongly and successfully to the finish line!

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