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This US map game is a great way to help your kids learn about the United States while they play a game they love....BINGO! Free bingo game! MichaelsMakers Skip to My Lou

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Map Skills Battleship Game

Map Skills Battleship Game My students were having a hard time with longitude and latitude. They could not really judge the halfway points between the longitude or latitude lines provided on printed maps and they could not visualize the idea of the coordinates and the fact that the two numbers together made a target on the location we were trying to identify. I compared longitude and latitude lines to a game of Battleship and suddenly lightbulbs went on! I adapted a United States map to…

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Map Game: Following Directions Grid Game {Map Skills Activities}

"Viking Voyages"....Purpose of game: To learn about Viking trade routes (Did you know that the Vikings went east as far as Constantinople and possibly even Baghdad? The Vikings didn't always pillage and raid. When they went east, they went as merchants and established settlements in Asia.)

FREE MAPS~ This site has all kinds of map resources-- map outlines, map graphics, reading a map-- and so much more. Fore example, you'll also find resources for teaching about economics, geography, and culture. If you teach social studies, take a minute to check out this site!