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Q) A young lady presented with bilateral nodular lesions on shins. She was also found to have bilateral hilar lymphadenopathy on chest X-ray. Mantoux test reveals indurations of 5 mms. Which of the following change can be noted on her skin biopsy when done? A. Noncaseating Granuloma B. Vasculitis C. Caseating Granuloma D. Malignant cells Answer A. Noncaseating Granuloma his patient’s skin lesions which is most likely erythema nodosum along with negative mantoux test and chest X ray find

PPD skin test or mantoux test -

Tuberculosis Testing Market (Smear Microscopy, Culture Based Tests, Nucleic Acid Testing, Mantoux Test, Radiography (Chest X-Ray), Drug Susceptibility Testing (DST) and Other TB Tests): Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast 2014 – 2020


TB skin test A tuberculin skin test (TST) – or Mantoux test – checks the immune system’s response to TB bacteria. A tiny amount of tuberculin extract is injected under the skin. If the immune system has come into contact with TB the skin becomes raised and red. However, a positive result does not confirm an active infection. Further testing is required. Latent TB and a history of BCG vaccination will also cause a reaction. Blood test A TB blood test is a reliable indicator of a TB…