Asian Ancient Costume Chinese Han Dynasty Mantle Clothing and Hair Accessories Clothing Complete Set for Women

Luxury Design by Veronica B. Vallenes Autumn Winter 2011 Collection I esp like the bottom left highwaisted pants with silky flowing cape, and the top center white dress with mantle.

Mantle Date: 1857–60 Culture: American Medium: silk Dimensions: Length: 97 in. (246.4 cm)

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.☆☆.1857-1860 ... Mantle ... silk ... American ... at The Metropolitan Museum of Art ... photo 2

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French Jet beaded Victorian Mantle Victorian French jet, glass beaded mourning mantle/ capelet [jet beaded] late 1800's

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Future Fashion, Futuristic Clothing, Vega Zaishi Wang... nice how small affordable lighting can be placed to create unique lighting and silhouette.

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