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Maleficent (2014)

5/5 amazing movie! The symbolism in it is AmaZING! You need to understand it for the symbolism and not so much the story in it. Angelina Jolie does a fabulous job and all of the other characters are poignant. I would watch this again and again!


Never enough Maleficent

Brad Pitt's beautiful wife in my favorite Disney cartoon(Sleeping Beauty)... Disney's Maleficent - Trailer *wishfully hoping she gets recognized for the 2015 award season...the voice+body and wardrobe transformation+ makeup = PERFECTION!*

My Review of Disney’s Maleficent

Fan made poster by Silviya Stoyanova Carrier I found all these random little things regarding Maleficent this past week and decided I mi...


If Disney Did This, I Would Pay the Price of a Full Movie Ticket to Watch This. - Imgur


Merida [as a witch] (Selfies / Halloween by KristinaWebbArt @Facebook) #Brave [For the full description and/or other pictures in the series, see my board "Selfies"]