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Culex (Mosquito) Antennae The male mosquito has large bushy antennae, which he uses to listen for the buzz of a potential mate. He responds only to the humming frequency given by a female of the same species and will fly in the direction of the sound to mate with her. Male mosquitoes do not bite, but feed on plant juices and flower nectar. Only female mosquitoes bite animals and require a blood meal.


Head and antennae from a male mosquito | by ZEISS Microscopy

Mosquito birth control: Scientists find new way to sterilise mosquitoes in push to prevent Zika, dengue

If scientists have their way, soon controlling mosquitoes that transmit diseases like Zika, dengue and chikungunya through a pioneering method using the nuclear-based sterile insect technique (SIT) would be possible. The SIT is a type of "birth control" wherein wild female insects of the pest

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Creepy Close-Ups: Best Microscope Critter Photos


A glowing report

Bio-luminescent Bay - Vieques. I was surprised I had the guts to get into the pitch black water, but ultimately worth every second!