Hello! I'm Jasper the largest kangaroo here I out rank every animal here by size and strength if you wanna fight then tiu better be ready to have some broken ribs I'm kind and fast I have no mate and I'm a male

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Ninja Kangaroos: Young male kangaroos test their strength with "boxing" matches that mostly occur at dawn. One buck gets in the others face with its forepaws until the second one concedes and hops away, or stands up tall and faces its tormentor. Then the two grapple until an advantage is gained and one rears back onto its tail and kicks out with both its feet. Here the roo on the left clearly has its opponent on the retreat.

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“Pinto, a male kangaroo and father of baby Johnny looks through a window into the house but he is too rough to be allowed inside like his wife and son.” (1954) Copyright Haywood Magee

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Red kangaroo looking, Macropus rufus, Finke Gorge National Park, Australia. Photo: Frans Lanting

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