She carefully approached me. I haut turned away. "Are you ok?" She asked. I didn't answer. I couldn't. "Hello?" I turned. "Are you ok?" She asked again.

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Dark Vampire Male | Vampire Profile - Profile for ManSlayer at Vampire Rave.

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... since demons were once angels, their righteousness cannot have been completely overcome. Just covered up, hidden, buried so deep into their souls that they can ignore it. But we can never forget,"Belieal said sadly, feeling the hollow bit of himself that had once been full. "We can never forget what we've lost, and I think that that is our greatest curse of all. - Kenneth Evers

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[Ardel and (a female character I haven't named yet). They're going to marry when they're adults.] "Well, she's cute," Stormie said deliberately after the little Nephilim girl flew away. She looked hard at Ardel with a mischievous twinkle in her eye. "What?!" Ardel said sharply. "Oh, nothing. It's just that you like her don't you?" "I what?! No, I just--" "Oh, don't deny it, Ardel my boy!" "Stormie, STOP IT!" "Nope!"

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